Professional Use

Salon Spa Products

Salon Spa Products

AHA / BHA Chemical Peels

  1. Superficial to medium strength AHA and BHA solutions for professional use.
  2. 100% Natural.
  3. Lactic Acid Peels, Glycolic Acid Peels, Enzyme Peels.
  4. For specific customisation please contact us with your requirements.

Dermal Infusion Serums

  1. Professional dermal infusion serums for Oxy-Dermabrasion treatments.
  2. Naturally formulated to actively deliver powerful anti-aging ingredients deep into the skin.
  3. Specific formulations available for all skin technology treatments.

Active Conductive Gels

  1. Natural conductive gels enriched with vitamins, minerals and highly efficient humectants.
  2. Optimized effectiveness for all Skin Technology treatments.  

Professional Strength Serums

  1. 100% Natural Active ingredients.
  2. Specifically designed to hydrate and replenish moisture.
  3. Calm and soothe irritation.
  4. Reduce acne and redness.
  5. Reduce fine lines and plump skin.
  6. Brighten and lighten pigmentation.
  7. Naturally effective for all skin types and conditions.

Opulent Huile – High Frequency Face and Body Oils

  1. The Opulent Effect: Creating a receptive quality that transcends your skin beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.
  2. Oplulent Huile is a luxury range of moisturising face and body oils distinguished by their rich key active components.
  3. They are particularly suitable for post cosmetic procedures due to their soothing anti-inflammatory properties.

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