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  1. We are a leading supplier of Professional Skincare and Technology based in Melbourne.
  2. We Provide Certified Skin and Medical Technology, Training, Technical Support and Device Repairs.
  3. We provide Professional Skincare Products and Product Formulation for the Melbourne Salon and Spa Industry.
  4. We offer Consultative Solutions for all our Skincare and Technology Products and Services.


  1. We specialise in the latest Non-Invasive Skin and Body technology equipment including SHR Laser Hair Removal, SBR Radio Frequency, Ultra Sound and Oxy-Dermabrasion systems.
  2. We provide Professional Skincare Formulation and Product Development with direction consultation to enhance all existing professional treatments.
  3. Our ACTIVE Home Care Range has been specifically formulated to compliment all professional post care procedures.
  4. We offer 100% Interest FREE rental and lease agreements to suit any budget whilst still providing highly optimised Training and Support. Guaranteed.
  5. We also provide optimised E-commerce websites and offer direct support to allow you to promote your new products and services on line.
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